Did you know that since 2007, you have helped:

  • Build an entire preschool and primary school, complete with library and computer room
  • Provide quality education to around 400 students, with many thousands to come
  • Create employment for teachers and labourers
Whether you have prayed, donated money or resources, shared about Hope Global with others or travelled to Rwanda yourself, you have been part of the story of Fruits of Hope Academy. And for that, we say THANK YOU! You have been part of something bigger that is having an ongoing impact in the nation of Rwanda.
We invite you to continue the journey with Fred and all the staff and students at Fruits of Hope Academy. Currently, there are two major needs at Fruits of Hope:
  • To be able to purchase the land the Preschool is built on
  • A bus for the students
Why are these needs?
  • The Preschool is on rented land, and will not be secure until the land is purchased and owned by Fruits of Hope
  • The Preschool building is in need of repairs which if done now, will drive the price of rent up
  • Owning the land provides security and future opportunities for expansion including a community library and further vocational courses
  • Sewing classes for the adults in the community will be able to continue with security
  • Some students are walking long distances to get to school and arriving tired, leaving them in a disadvantaged position for learning
  • Other students have had to move away due to rising house prices, and the school is too far for them – Fred would like to continue reaching the poorest students and ensure they too have equal opportunity for education
How can you help Fred and the students at Fruits of Hope?
Simply by making a donation today. Would you consider making a $100 donation? If just 500 people did this, you would collectively give a whopping $50,000 and combined with funds already raised, Fred could purchase both the land and the bus!
Quick ways to raise $100
  • Donate $20 and ask four other people also to donate $20
  • Have five fewer meals out this month or a cinema & DVD free month
  • Do you buy coffee every day? Have one less bought coffee a day – at about $4 a cup, that’s over $100 in just one month saved!
  • Make some cakes or slices and sell them for $5 a piece – you’ll only need to sell 20
  • One a day – ask one peers a day to donate $5 – that’s $150 over the month of June
  • Time for a clear out? Hold a garage sale and tell people you’ll donate $100 from proceeds to charity
Fred will be visiting Australia in July. It would be amazing to welcome him into Australia by telling him that together, you’ve given him what he needs to buy the land and purchase the bus.
Donate online today or SMS Fred to  + (61) 418 736 292 to make a quick donation.
Don’t forget to get your donation in before June 30 for your tax return. All donations over $2 to Fruits of Hope (J798 – a Global Development Group approved aid & development project) are tax-deductible. If funds raised exceed project needs, funds may be directed to a similar approved project activity.