Let The Future Begin

Let The Future Begin

Dearest friends,

My heart is so very full. Our family is still on a high after Chloe and Hosannas wedding. It was SO very wonderful!!!

And then today, all HopeUC campuses were full of people leaning in and truly engaging. People were saved, and we did the first of our two-weekend First fruits offerings. I’m not sure if people who’ve been senior pastors for a long time ever get used to the wonders of seeing God at work in people’s everyday lives. Wow, I get completely overwhelmed many times in a week! I’m also very aware, that although there is much good happening, there are hard things going down in people’s lives. It’s like the two tracks of life run side by side. What I know is that Gods goodness never fails, and His faithfulness reaches to the heavens. Grace, grace and more grace.

And at the end of an amazing Sunday, we were chatting over Mark and Susan Sohns new radio show which launched Sunday night at 8 pm and will be aired live every Sunday night. ‘Real Talk with Susan Sohn and Mark Zschech’ has launched on Rhema Central Coast, BlogTalkRadio and you can watch them on Periscope, which is so much fun – all the behind the scene shenanigans. They had a wonderful launch and we can’t wait for the coming weeks and what God is doing and will do through the compelling conversation they are creating. Exciting days!

AND our eldest daughter Amy and her hubby Andrew preached and led worship at Maximise church in Parramatta. Just an excellent day!!

SO, I am very excited and, to be honest, a little nervous about my first upcoming US trip in 2 years. After such a long time of getting my health stronger and stronger and getting used to my new normal within my body, it has been a crazy ride. But, praise God, He is greater than any doctors report. And, it’s such an honour to be speaking in Kansas City at a worship leader conference surrounded by many of my peers and people I love and respect. Then, I’m off to Nashville and will be writing with of few people who I SO respect. Following Nashville it’s on to Rome where I will be taking part in a worship event quite unlike any other I’ve had the privilege of being involved in. I will endeavour to put as much of this up on Periscope as possible (once I work out how to use it!!). After Rome, I finish off the trip in Singapore leading a worship event at The Star, and just being with our friends at New Creation. Zoe Jewel will be singing with me and a team from our church. It’s all so very exciting and our God is so good.

Love you all so much. I appreciate your love and prayers as we go. In some ways, I feel like I am starting over. My new normal.. xx

Let the future begin,

love Darls