Travel, Friends, Ministry and More

Travel, Friends, Ministry and More

Hey, friends

Just a little shout out to you all and a HUGE thank you for your continued prayers over my health and our family and our church. You are SO wonderful, and we appreciate every single one of you.

I have just returned from a one week trip to the USA (thank you, Jesus, for energy that is recovering daily) and I found myself sitting on the plane SO filled with thanksgiving.

I travelled with a dear friend Liz Clout. Lizzie is a faithful friend to many in ministry, and to have her with me to pray, to bring support, and a whole lot of laughs, has made the experience even richer. We all need friends.

I spoke at Joyce Meyer’s annual womans conference, and Joyce, as we all know, is such a beautiful woman in so many ways. At the conference, I shared my testimony of God’s faithfulness in my life. Additionally, I was able to have precious time with some of my all time fave worship leaders. All our friends in St Louis, from productions teams who work for Joyce, to those who lead churches in the surrounding areas. I heard from Pastor Craig Groeshel and he shared on encouragement. Craig’s message was inspiring to say the least. Joyce spoke one of the most powerful messages of the times we are living in, challenging all to ‘get off the fence’ as we walk out our faith in these days. Yes. Ma’Am!!!

We then went to San Diego, one of my favourite US cities, to be with Pastor Jurgen and Leeanne Matthesius from C3 San Diego. We had an excellent time, again surrounded by those I love and respect in ministry. We laughed, cried, worshipped and prayed together, believing God for even greater days to come.

One of my other dear friends, Alicia Britt Chole’ came to hang out with us for a couple of days. My time with Alicia is seriously like sitting at the feet of Jesus. I’m excited to share that Alicia is coming to our HopeUC Conference in 2016. I cannot wait for HopeUc to be introduced to her and to hear the message God has given her.

So here I am, heart open and ready for the next few days as we at HopeUc host our annual Conference. This year the words over the conference are Grace Divine. I sense His grace anew over my life and my purpose, I sense His grace over the things I hold dear in my heart, the prayers that I have uttered and those yet to be spoken. I sense the Holy Spirit doing something profound in our midst. I am hungry for more, not more of the old; rather I want to be continually diving into the new.

I sign off today saying thank you to all who have helped make this trip away SO refreshing. And, friends if you could join us and pray with over our conference we would be grateful. Simply pray that lives are impacted, and hearts are touched, by our beautiful Saviour, Jesus.

Love you all so much. Best days ahead!

Darls xx