An Interview with Hope 103.2

I was recently interviewed by Emma Mullings of Hope 103.2 and I thought I would share these with you. This is one of four videos, they are deep, they are meaningful and I pray they are helpful. Be encouraged and keep your eyes fixed on...

Two Years Since – Time to Reflect

Good morning friends, I am lying in bed, and my lovely hubby of 31 years has just brought me in a piccolo latte, which is my daily indulgence. In a couple of days time, it will be two years since the day I went into the...

Walk Of Hope 2016

Hi friends, You are invited to join the Hope Global team and I in changing lives, one step at a time! Be part of our 2016 Walk of Hope, wherever you are in the world and help us transform the lives of children across East...

God Heals our Hearts
At 15 I was renting a little room.  My heart was hard yet God healed my heart.
Worship Touches the Lives of Everyone
Worship touches the lives of everyone. I have sat with people who have never uttered a word and when Worship starts to be played you can hear them and see them begin to be touched. Worship asks for a response and people respond. A Worshipping community needs to be in touch with humanity.
We Must Consider Our Spiritual Life
I've had to look at my life and consider my spiritual life. Whe it comes to church, it should be life giving, there should be community there and you should walk out fueled for service.
Speak life, hope and immerse yourself in the things of God
Fear can be crippling, but you will get through this. Pull people around who are full of faith. Speak life, hope and immerse yourself in the things of God. There is living water that we can drink from. Drink up friends, it is a fountain that will never run dry!
The Steel Trap Mind
Sometimes our minds can travel down roads that can lead to despair, fear and angst. These aren't roads we need or should travel down. Understanding the 'steel trap mind' to my mind was imperative to me as I walked the road to health. Nothing but life, hope and the promises of God could get beyond that steel trap door. 'Every word from God, every scripture were breakfast, lunch and dinner.' 'I did not entertain other thoughts.'
Worship Changes Everything

After what has been the craziest, hardest and yet most glorious 2 years of my life, I am so honoured to be releasing my new book 'Worship Changes Everything'. It's practical, testimonial, scriptural.. and very raw and real. I chat about the impact of a worshipful...